Products that damage your teeth

Products that damage your teeth

We all know that chocolate, sweet drinks and sugar in general are really bad for our teeth. They damage the teeth, cause gum diseases and promote tooth decay. However, there are many more products that can cause the same teeth related issues, but sometimes we don’t know that. Here is a list of products that are not friendly to healthy teeth. Many of them contain sugar, sweeteners, and the acidic substances, and damage natural enamel that protects our teeth from damage. If, you cannot or do not want to give up on these foods, you should brush your teeth after eating them or at least use a dental floss.

Jam. It’s a real sugar concentrate. Various jams cover our teeth in a sugar coating, where bacteria can multiply easily, so after eating it make sure to drink a glass of water, to clean at least a little bit of sugar coating.

Sauces. Salad dressings and other sauces, such as vinegar, mayonnaise, soy are a true dental nightmare, because they are rich in acids, which damage the enamel.

White bread. White bread must be processed in order to become white. It also contains salt, sugar, and sweeteners. Therefore, it is better to choose black bread.

Apples. We all know that any kind of fruit is a healthy snack. However, regarding our teeth health apples are not the best choice. They contain acids which can damage tooth enamel, so make sure to rinse your mouth after eating it.

Popcorn. Whether it is seasoned with salt, or sugar, popcorn is equally damaging. The biggest issue is that corn husks stuck in between the teeth, which increases the chance of gum inflammation.

Wine. Wine contains sugar and acids, which can damage enamel . You can minimize the damage somewhat by drinking wine through a straw.

Dried fruits. It is a sweet and sticky snack that can create a veritable feast for bacteria, as dried fruits often stick to the teeth and create a good environment for their reproduction. Make sure to use dental floss after eating it.


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