Diet for healthier skin, teeth and better mood

Diet for healthier skin, teeth and better mood

Diets are needed not only to lose weight. Eating correctly can solve many of other problems, for example hair loss. We are what we eat. All processes of our body depend on our diet.

If you hair falls, you may lack zinc. The best source of it is beef. If you want to speed up your hair growth and you don’t want your hair to break, you need proteins, silicon and iron. If you hair is dry and the roots are oily, make sure you get enough of vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acid.

Cook some chicken, beef, fish. Add some nuts, sunflower seeds to most of your meals. Eat more legumes and spinach to get iron. Don’t forget citrus fruits, as vitamin C helps to absorb iron.

In order to have healthy teeth, first of all stop smoking and stop drinking coffee or at least reduce the amount of cups you drink, eat less sweets and they create good environment for bacteria to grow and you may get decay or some gum disease. Eat green vegetables as they remove plaque and massage your gums. To get calcium, eat more dairy products, nuts, chicken and eggs. Vitamin C protects against parodontosis, so don’t forget adding kiwi, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Dentists recommend rinsing your mouth after your meals and in general drink more water. Use a straw when you drink sweet drinks so your teeth would get less sugar.

Do you want a better skin? Make sure you get both proteins and carbohydrates. Good fats are also important. Eat yogurt and chicken to get proteins. Oat meal, whole grain bread and pasta will give you carbohydrates. Most importantly, eat small portions.

Our mood also depends on what we eat. Replace sugar with products that are rich in chromium (honey, onions, beef), tryptophan (turkey, tuna, seafood) and selenium (mushrooms, garlic). A lack of vitamin B can cause depression, so eat walnuts, almonds, leafy vegetables, legumes and beef.



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