Diet mistakes that make you look older

Diet mistakes that make you look older

Foods we eat are closely related to our youth and if we don’t get the ones our skin or hair needs aging processes can be speed-up before the time. People eat too many processed foods that are low in valuable nutrients such as vitamin B12 or omega-3s. This results in processes we tend to link to aging. So, to avoid this misunderstanding, make sure you are not doing these mistakes:

The first mistak is avoiding animal protein. Found only in animal protein, Vitamin B12 helps regulate metabolism and energy production processes. So, if you are suffering from fatigue, you may be lacking of this vitamin which is the key to maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. To solve this, have two servings of nonfat dairy foods per week and don’t forget fish and sea food as well. B12 vitamin can be received from fish, clams, oysters, and mussels, lean beef, pork and chicken.

Additionally, avoiding manganese and copper supplements will also make you feel older because of your knees. If your body gets the proper support of manganese and copper, it will easily maintain joint cartilage and flexibility. Besides, you will forget about the pain in your knees and your joints will finally feel less painful. To get some manganese and copper, eat nuts, beef and spinach. However, doctors say that you must take a supplement as well, like 2 mg of copper and 5 mg of manganese each day.
As you may have heard, avoiding fish and healthy oils such as olive oil is also bad for your skin because they are the best sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids. The lack of these valuable nutrients makes the architecture of your brain to become weak, and brain function, including memory, starts to suffer. Besides, make sure you minimize the quantity of omega-6 fatty acids at the same time that can be got from processed foods. According to doctors, the more omega-6s you get with your food, the more omega-3s you need to keep the balance.


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