Diet or sport? Which one is more effective when trying to get rid of weight?

Diet or sport? Which one is more effective when trying to get rid of weight?

What should you pay more attention to, sports or nutrition, when trying to get rid of some kilos before the upcoming spring? According to experts, it is necessary to combine both elements and that is why: in order to get rid of fat, you need to burn more energy than you usually get from food. That helps to make your body think that it needs to start using the energy from fat in order to keep the same amount of calories. The greater is the need, the more weight you can lose.

One of the options when trying to get rid of some weight is the calorie restriction. However, you will have to limit your calorie intake for the rest of your life in order to prevent the yo-yo effect. Many people try to trick themselves into believing that constant calorie limiting will decrease after some time. However, various researches have shown that even after a year of restriction we feel the same hunger as on the day when we started to lose weight.

So, if counting calories is equal to the continuous hunger, maybe you should forget it and start hitting the gym? Experts agree that sport is extremely useful, but, if not combined with diet, you may fail to get rid of any gram of your weight. That’s because of a simple thing: a piece of cake can be eaten in a very short period of time but burned only after more than an hour. In addition, numerous studies have showed that only sport (especially aerobic exercise) is not enough to get rid of weight. 

As you can see, the most effective method of weight loss is diet and sport. It is the only way you can lose weight once and for all. Experts recommend to: slightly reduce the number of calories, so that you wouldn’t disturb your hormone system, and start exercising.


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