Diets and appetite-regulating hormones

Diets and appetite-regulating hormones

Hunger and appetite are, perhaps, those biological functions that we all are always trying to control. When we stop breathing and start feeling breathless, we don’t continue this and breathe. However, hunger is slightly different and, though we think opposite, we can’t feel it clearly. There is a widespread myth that you can be of any weight you want – the only thing you need is a strong will to stand against hunger. Many of people imagine that they are getting slimmer when they feel hungry.

However, recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine describes how hormones that regulate our appetite mutate after following a diet. In the beginning, participants who were included into this study were asked to get rid of some weight. Additionally, they got advices on how to keep their new weight stable again. However, despite the advice, all participants gained some weight.

For finding out why people gain weight after getting rid of it, researchers made nine blood tests and paid attention to hormones that regulate human’s appetite. These tests showed up quite surprising results – they revealed that hormones’ balance is disturbed and the more dramatic diet was, the greater were hormonal changes. Moreover, changes in appetite-regulating hormones remained even after one year! It resulted in increased hunger and appetite what additionally led to the weight gain. So, it can be said that diets not only lead us to weight reduction but increase it as well. Medicine experts recommend following your own internal hunger needs and eating only when feeling a biological hunger, but not for emotional reasons, just like many women do.


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