4 ways to manage your stress

4 ways to manage your stress

Stress adversely affects our well-being. In order for us to cope with any troubles and storms of life, it is important to be strong both physically and psychologically. It is impossible to completely remove negative factors from our lives, so it is important to maintain a stable nervous system and achieve harmony with yourself.

1. Relax more often. Do you feel the tension rising? Find a few minutes to be alone. Pull the curtains, sit back and slowly count to ten. Take a short break and try to focus on your legs. Relax foot and lower leg muscles, listen to your feelings. Are your legs cold or hot? Heavy or light? Take note of what you feel. Try to recreate that strange, but a nice feeling that you just felt feet. Relax one muscle group after another, until you reach the neck and head.

2. Sleep. Good night’s sleep is the key symptom of how your nervous system is. If you want to prevent nervous exhaustion, it is necessary to go to bed and get up at about the same time, to rest for at least 7-8 hours a day, or as long as it is necessary for you individually. Also give your brain enough time to relax before going to sleep. A warm bath with essential oils or some easy leisure reading in bed are exactly what you need.

3. Avoid unnecessary! Many people get used of the TV or the radio, so that they almost do not notice them when they are on. After all, getting a new information all the time can be quite aggressive and negative in nature. Some even consider it as an additional burden on the nervous system.

4. Work out every day. You will not only build the muscles or lose weight, but also get a discipline. You will become calmer. In addition, your body releases happiness hormones – endorphins, when you are doing physical activities. This is a natural remedy for stress.


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