5 myths about dehydration

5 myths about dehydration

1. Drink eight glasses of water per day. This is a myth. The amount of water each of us needs depends on weather conditions, clothes we wear and working time. According to the American Institute of Medicine, everyone should listen to their body to learn about their personal needs.

2. You have to drink when you feel thirsty. It is only partialy true. However, if you work an intense physical work, you should drink more often. You may not feel thirst when you work hard. So, take frequent breaks and a drink.

3. It is impossible to drink too much water. Everybody claims that water improves skin condition, cleanses the body and helps to sleep better. However, you should also know that water can reduce the amount of sodium ions. A lot of athletes have this problem, because they drink a lot of water.

4. Clear urine means a healthy body. Healthy urine is pale yellow color. Dark urine points about dehydration.

5. Dehydration is common among old people. Although water deficiency is more common among children and elderly people, the rest of the people are no exception, especially those who work out intensively. Typical symptoms of dehydration: increased body temperature, increased heart rate, deep breathing, dizziness, etc. So if you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to drink more water, eat juicy fruits and vegetables and avoid fatty foods. If you notice more serious symptoms, you should talk to your doctor.


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