6 tips how to keep your heart healthy

6 tips how to keep your heart healthy

More and more people complain about heart diseases and circulatory system disorders. They have become one of the biggest causes of premature death. So hwat should we do to avoid them? Here are some tips how to avoid heart related issues.

Do not forget to visit your doctor

Heart and circulatory system diseases can be influenced by heredity, gender and age. If you consult your Doctor early enough you can at least stop rapid development of them.

Do not look for magic recipes

An unbalanced diet, obesity, physical inactivity, harmful habits, constant psychological tension and stress are other factors that cause these diseases to develop. Perhaps many would like to know the magic recipe with no effort required to stay healthy, but the truth is there are no special secrets of longevity. You just have to learn how to properly take care of yourself. It may sound boring, but a balanced diet and sports can really help prevent many ailments.


Recommendations to maintain physical activity has remained unchanged for many years. The golden rule for those who want to have a healthy heart is at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercising a week.

Take care of what you eat

To prevent heart and vascular diseases, you must get rid of excess weight. This requires a good diet. Use very little salt and saturated fat. Limit low-fat dairy products, poultry, fish and low-fat meat.

Learn to relax

Stress management programs are becoming increasingly relevant not only to cardiovascular disease prevention, but also in general public health. It may be stretching exercises, yoga, certain breathing techniques and meditation types.

Do not smoke

Various health organizations and experts agree that smoking is harmful for your body. It was found that smoking increases the likelihood of developing heart and circulatory system diseases by up to 4 times.



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