7 symptoms of cancer that many people ignore

7 symptoms of cancer that many people ignore

Painkillers may help you to feel better is something hurt, but recent research shows that even the smallest ailments can be the first warning signs of cancer, so you really should not ignore them. The problem is that many people shrugs off and try to medicate themselves. Here are 7 symptoms, which should not be ignored:

1. A bump. Only 67 per cent of the people who notice a bump in their body, show up at the doctor. However, did you know that the earlier you notice cancer, the more chances you will heel.

2. Coughing. In winter, when all around us are ill, catching a cold may seem quite normal. However, if you find that you are constantly coughing, do not hesitate to see a doctor because it may indicate larynx, lung or thyroid cancer or lymphoma.

3. You go to the toilet less/more frequently and it’s different that it used to be. Sometimes this can lead to food or medications, but if these changes are regular, and this may indicate colon cancer.

4. Activity of a bladder. Women face urinary tract infections quite often, and most of the times they don’t take it seriously and think it’s just an infection. However, if you have noticed blood in the urine or pain during urination, contact your doctor immediately as this may be a symptom of urinary bladder, kidney or prostate cancer.

5. Persistent pain. Persistent pain can easily mean bone or ovarian cancer. According to the American Cancer Association, the pain usually indicates that the cancer has already spread, and therefore you should not wait.

6. Long lasting sore throat. If you have a persistent sore throat, this may indicate larynx or throat cancer.

7. Unexplained weight loss. According to the American Cancer Association, unexplained weight loss may be the first symptom of cancer. It is often found in the pancreas, stomach, lung or esophageal cancer.


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