Simple tips how to take a better care of your vision

Simple tips how to take a better care of your vision

Modern technologies and unlimited use of them. Bright and poorly aligned artificial light, long hours at the computer and the TV, long hours at work and short moments of rest lead to itchy eyes, redness, dryness and other eyes problems. Poor vision is also influenced by inadequate eye protection both during the summer and especially during sunny winter days. It is necessary to wear sunglasses every time you are out when the sun is shining. However, a lot of us don’t do it properly.

If you want to maintain good vision, it is necessary to take preventive measures and check your eyes regularly (at least a few times a year). In fact taking care of your vision is quite simple. One of the most important factors that have a positive effect on your eyes is a healthy diet. Eating healthy can help to maintain healthy cells and tissues of the eye. Here are some of the products that are extremely beneficial for your vision:

* Carrots,
* Omega-3 fatty acids, (for example, salmon)
* Walnuts and almonds,
* Flaxseed oil,
* Green leafy vegetables,
* Blueberries.

Another great solution for those who want to strengthen their vision is taking supplements with antioxidants, lutein, vitamins and various trace elements.


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