The main symptoms and factors of kidney diseases

The main symptoms and factors of kidney diseases

When the weather gets warmer, many chronic diseases get worse. Kidney diseases are no exception. However, many people find out about these diseases completely by accident. Kidneys are silent organs. The first symptoms of diseases appear when they stop working. If you want to identify the problem at early stage, you should be doing blood tests regularly and visit nephrologist.

Here is what can provoke kidney diseases:

    • In case you have too much fat, the components that reduce vascular tone can be produced. Excess fat mechanically pushes kidneys and complicates their work.
    • Sudden weight loss. Kidneys are enveloped in a protective capsule of fat. When you lose weight, this fat layer gets thinner, and your organs become more vulnerable.
    • Due to the high level of sugar in the blood, kidneys have more work to do.
    • Smoking and alcohol. Alcohol removes body fluids, which thickens the blood, and kidneys have to work much harder. Smoking increases concentration of toxic substances.
    • This is the main reason of pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation). The main symptoms of it are fever, low back pain, and painful urination.
    • Ends renal involvement and their problems.

The main symptoms of kidney diseases:

    • Pay attention to the external symptoms. Patients with kidney disease complain about swollen face in the morning, bags under eyes, swelling of legs (the swelling usually disappears in the evening). Other symptoms include dry and pale skin pale, sometimes with slightly yellow tint.
    • Low back pain is also a common symptom of hydronephrosis.
    • Unexplained weakness, fatigue, headache and elevated temperature.

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