Tips how to prevent lung cancer

Tips how to prevent lung cancer

Sadly, lung cancer is one of the most common fatal diseases in oncology. Experts recommend remembering a few simple rules to prevent this horrible disease. If you follow these tips, you can save your life!

  • Give up cigarettes. This tip is probably known by everybody, but it is a great one. Even if you are a heavy smoker, it is never too late to quit smoking. Once you get rid of this habit, the risk of developing lung cancer will be gradually declining.
  • Avoid cigarette smoke. Even if you never smoked, being near people smoking can harm your health. Passive smoking increases the risk of developing lung cancer by 20-30%. In particular, it poses a significant risk to children.
  • Measure the level of radon at your place. Radon is an inert radioactive gas that has no odor, no color or taste. It is emitted by uranium and it is the second most common cause of lung cancer (the first, one is smoking). To reduce the level of radon, make sure you ventilate your rooms regularly.
  • Eat healthy. Try to eating 5 different kinds of fruits and vegetables every single day.
  • Work out. If you exercise 5 times a week, it will help you to maintain healthy lungs.

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