Treating and preventing migraine

Treating and preventing migraine

1. Mild headaches can sometimes be terminated with a help of standard analgesics or combinations thereof. The most prevalent painkillers are aspirin or paracetamol. You must follow precise instructions when taking painkillers, because excessive use of these medications may eventually cause more pains.

2. The most efficient drugs to treat migraine attacks are specific migraine medications – triptans. They shrink swollen blood vessels in the brain and eliminate chemical changes in the brain that occur during a migraine. You should take them as early as possible, at the very beginning of pain attack. This way the medication will be the most effective.

3. Do not forget about natural methods (physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure), as well as homeopathy, psychotherapy, herbal preparations. They help to relax and prevents migraine pain for many people.

4. Exercising also reduces tension and it can help prevent seizures.

5. If you notice the increase in frequency of migraine attacks before or during menstruation, avoid any estrogen preparations, including contraceptive pills.

6. During migraine attack, try to eat something. Light food, like toast or biscuit can ease nausea.

7. The best way to control migraine is a few hours of sleep.

8. If migraine disturbs your work or social activities, you can use daily oral pills.

9. Each patient with migraine need to fill in a detailed diary of the factors provoking migraine, record episodes of breakthrough, etc. This will help your doctor to choose the most appropriate treatment.


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