What you haven’t known about lemon yet

What you haven’t known about lemon yet

Lemon is a useful fruit and many people like it a lot. Do you know what did you know what qualities it has and what diseases it helps to treat?

Tonsillitis. Do you have a sore throat? Eat half a lemon with its peel. Yes, it is sour, but it is very useful for you. You can also rinse your throat with diluted lemon juice (1 part of lemon juice and 3 parts of water). Use it every hour for one day. Also you can apply some lemon juice on those areas where you have white plaque on your throat.

Bronchitis. Mix 50 grams of grates horseradish and juice of 2-3 lemons. Take a teaspoon of this mixture several times a day and do not drink or eat anything at least half an hour after it.

Nausea. Nausea and heartburn can be overcome if you drink a mixture of juice of half lemon and half a teaspoon of baking soda.

Flu. Drink herbal teas with lemon. You can use marigold, mint, sage, horsetail, plantain or mixtures of these herbs. Such teas will maintain the level of calcium in your body and help to reduce fever.

Hepatitis. Patients with hepatitis should drink water with lemon juice every single day. They can also prepare lemon tea. Peel a lemon, cut it in half, pour in some boiling water and leave it for 12 hours. Drink one glass of it a day on an empty stomach.


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