Do folk recipes really help?

Do folk recipes really help?

After being attacked by cold, we often remember folk treatment recipes: eat chicken broth, drink herbal tea, or gargle with salted water. Are these methods really effective? Considering some of the most widespread folk treatments, we will try to figure out which ones are effective and which ones are not.

Cold chicken broth

Does chicken broth can help you to feel better? Does it really warms the body and reduces the symptoms of colds? It seems that this old way of cold treatment is really effective. After some studies it has been shown that chicken soup destroys inflammatory cells – when the researchers filled a laboratory dish with inflammatory cells and poured in some drops of chicken soup into it, they found that cells’ motility dropped down.

Vitamin C

When winter starts, some parents start giving their children vitamin C supplements in order to enhance their resistance to disease. Does it really help? Maybe. According to Harvard Health Journal, medical opinions differ on this point. Numerous studies have been conducted, but there has been no specific answer received.

Coffee for hangover

Some people say that a cup of coffee helps to ease the hangover. Does coffee really relieves headaches and provides energy after the party? No – to feel better, don’t drink coffee. The main reason why we feel bad the next morning is dehydration and coffee only worsens the situation. What to do? Drink plenty of water which is the best tool for recovering fuild level in your body. Another effective ‘drug’ for hangover is banana. They are rich in potassium, which is removed from the body when you drink too much of alcohol.

Rinsing mouth with salted water when suffering from the sore throat

Sometimes when the sore throat starts we use water and salt to get rid of it and it seems that this method really works because salted water relieves itching and helps to prevent infection symptoms.


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