Do you pay attention to liquid calories?

Do you pay attention to liquid calories?

Those women who are the followers of the strictest diets shouldn’t forget that we receive calories not only from food, but drinks as well. Only water gives you no calories. All other drinks can be as harmful as various foods. Even more, liquid calories are ‘smarter’ because they don’t give you a feeling of fullness, so you can’t imagine how much you have consumed.

Caloric content of beverages (kcal/100 ml):
Water – 0 kcal;  Tea – 1 kcal; Tea with sugar (1 tsp) – 28 kcal; Coffee – 2 kcal; Coffee with cream and chocolate – 275 kcal; Coffee with sugar (1 teaspoon) and milk – 75 kcal; Hot chocolate – 110 kcal; Milkshake – 96 kcal; Sweet carbonated water – 42 kcal; Grapefruit juice – 35 kcal; Grape juice – 75 kcal; Dry champagne – 64 kcal; Sweet champagne – 100 kcal; Light beer – 43 kcal; Black beer – 48 kcal; Vodka – 100 kcal; Cognac – 239 kcal.

American nutritionists have made an interesting experiment: one group of volunteers was given soft drinks worth 450 calories, while another – the same amount of calories but in a form of sweets and cakes. Of course, they didn’t know how many calories they get. One month later, the first group of volunteers was found to have more overweight than people from a second group. The explanation is very simple: solid food is processed slower and it takes few hours for our stomach to burn it. In addition, people feel bigger sense of safety. Liquid calories are absorbed instantly by our body. Therefore, people drink fluids more spontanuously.

You should be careful not only with soda water, but with other drinks as well that are not considerd as dangerous to our lines. Needless to use fruit juice when trying to relieve the thirst – they contain as much sugar as those beverages with bubbles.


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