Do you smoke to lose weight?

Do you smoke to lose weight?

It is very sad to admit, but our society often understands perfect shape as a set of bones. Many girls and women are ready to do anything in order to get this desired figure. Some women go on a variety of diets or even choose starvation, others take special slimming pills. Meanwhile, some of them even dare to try plastic surgery.

Smoking has become another way to lose weight. But why smoking? Smoking suppresses appetite and looks like helpful while losing weight. However, we should remember that while suppressing appetite, smoking also kills some nutrients which are necessary in order to keep a healthy body. So even if you notice that smoking helps you to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, its damage to your health is undeniable.

Smoking also increases the chance of developing cancer, not only of your lungs, but also kidney, pancreas, cervix, esophagus, larynx and even breast cancer. Smoking causes loss of calcium in your body and for this reason smokers often develop osteoporosis. Non-smokers have this disease much less frequently. Additionally, smoking women are more likely to give a birth to premature baby and it can have various diseases.

Unfortunately, nowadays women are delighted by beautiful skinny models and their man purpose often becomes wearing clothes of the smallest size. Just thinking about perfect body lines they often forget other important things. One of them is health. So don’t forget that beautiful body is first of all healthy body.


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