Do you want to have healthy hair?

Do you want to have healthy hair?

Regular scalp massage

You can do a massage for yourself even every day. It improves blood circulation and helps to prevent hair loss. Regular massage stimulates sebaceous glands which produce oil and moisturize your hair. This gives you hair strength and sheen.

Proper food

Drink spinach juice. It contains all vitamins that your hair needs.

Grind one teaspoon of black pepper and some lemon seeds. Rub this mixture into your scalp and after 10-15 minutes rinse it out with cold water. It revitalizes your hair and stimulates their growth.

Use less chemicals

Do not bleach your hair. Avoid hair curlers, blow dryer and too many hair styling products. Do not use hair dyes that contain ammonia. All these substances tend to dry your hair so it loses their vitality, strength and shine. Try to use natural hair care products.

Wash your hair regularly

Drink enough of water. It’s good both for your hair and skin. Cut your hair regularly in order to avoid split ends. Do not use shampoos that are based on chemical substances. Before using any new hair product, try it on a small area on your skin to see if you get any irritations.



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