Does bread make you fat?

Does bread make you fat?

This is a question that experts of nutrition find it difficult to answer and they never come to the same conclusions. Some of them prohibit eating bread, some say that you should eat bread in moderation. However, it’s important to mention that bread is included into many diets.

Obviously, our body needs bread. Think of the pyramid of healthy eating and of the base of it. Every diet should be based on healthy eating. So it should be emphasized that everyone should eat bread because it’s a product of grain which contains lots of important vitamins and trace elements. It is rich in iron, phosphorus, magnesium which are essential for our body. Besides, these elements are easily absorbed. Every day we should get at least 150 grams or even 250 grams of bread. This depends on the type of bread we are eating. The healthiest bread is made from rye. White bread is not really useful, besides, it contains lots of calories.

If you are seeking to get rid of a few pounds you should eat drier bread. Usually, this type of bread contains less calories but it is not that nutritious. Another recommended bread is bran bread. It contains sugar saccharin, so it has less carbohydrates and it’s really good for women who want to lose weight.

One more thing, always read a label of the bread carefully. A good bread is rich in iodine and it has minimum amount of baking powder. These points are very important if you are willing to lose weight.



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