Don’t be afraid of frozen food

Don’t be afraid of frozen food

Numerous studies and researches show that frozen fruits, vegetables or other products don’t lose any of their valuable nutrients. However, the way how they are kept in your freezer is important in trying to keep as much important materials in frozen foods depends on the. In the food industry, products are usually frozen in a very cold temperature – minus 20-40 ° C. This way of freezing ripe fruits or vegetables just after their collection is much more useful because products are stay ripe and are not picked unripe to withstand transporting better.

Frozen products can be kept in your freezer for more than a year. However, you should remember one rule – the temperature must be the same, what means very low. So, when buying something that has been refrigerated already, you should consume it within a month. When freezing vegetables or fruit at home, they can be kept refrigerated for no longer than 4-6 months. Frozen fruit and vegetables must be stored at a temperature of minus 18 ° C. It is very important to keep the temperature stable and keep all the products only in the freezer because only then you won’t feel any change in nutritional and biological value of the product.

For freezing, you can use whatever you want: green peas, green beans, various cabbage (cauliflower, Brussels), broccoli, spinach, carrots, greens, sorrel, spinach. All these vegetables can be frozen either
whole or cut into pieces. However, it’s not recommended to freeze potatoes, because it changes their texture and they become sweet. Besides, keep in mind that frozen vegetables are not very suitable for
salad, but they perfect for soups and second dishes.

The method of defrosting is especially important if you think about the quality of the product. When defrosting meat, do this at room temperature because this will make the least changes in its biological
value. Fruits and berries should be defrosted at high temperatures.


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