Eating mistakes that ruin your workout

Eating mistakes that ruin your workout

Though you can hardly believe this, right nutrition plan is the key to results of your workout. Pay attention to these five eating mistakes and maximize your training time:  

Empty stomach.
Physiologically, body fat is burnt only together with your carbs. However, when they aren’t available, you body starts breaking down its own muscle what leads to loosing your muscle mass instead of building it. To overcome this problem, try to fill your stomach with a small smoothie made from frozen fruit and skim milk.  

Protein shakes before a workout.
Drinking a protein shake before your workout may lead you to stomach problems because they are digested much slower than carbs. Besides, carbs may be prevented from giving you power you need and become simply unavailable to your working muscles. In order to fix this, try to choose a smaller quantity of protein but let yourself higher protein shakes, snacks or other meals after the workout.  

Too much energy bars.
Energy bars can easily give you back the calories that you have burned during your workout, so make sure you are not overusing them. To see the results, you should refuse grabbing a bar post your workout if you are going to eat a meal a few hours later because 5 bars are the equivalent of a turkey sandwich. If you can’t do this, minimize the portions of your next meal.

Avoiding “good” fat.
In order to heal and repair after the workout, include small portions of ‘good’ fat in your diet. You must do this because every cell in our body is partially made out of it (even our muscles!). So, don’t be afraid of extra virgin olive oil, avocado or almonds and put some in your every meal to get the right portion of omega3 fatty acids.


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