Eating myths and realities

Eating myths and realities

Is this true that late dinner makes you fat, pineapple is a natural fat burner and fresh bread encourages pain in the stomach? Check out these myths about eating habits and break the myths.

Potatoes will make you fat!

False! If we compare potatoes to other side dish, we will find that they are probably the best choice which won’t change the body lines. Per serving (approximately 150 g), potatoes contain only 104 calories while the same quantity of rice is 162 calories and the same quantity of pasta will give you 209 calories.

Salt increases blood pressure!

True! A study with laboratory rats has shown that salt thickens the water and makes the water level in our body to rise up. Additionally, this increases the blood pressure. However, salty foods increase the blood pressure only in exceptional cases, so you shouldn’t avoid a pinch of salt in your omlette.

Pineapple burns fat!

False! Pineapple is rich in enzymes that break down the protein but are useless in burning fat! Who knows who should be blamed for inventing this myth? In any case, fresh pineapple is really tasty and beneficial to our body, so eat it with pleasure!

Spinach is the best source of iron!

False! This myth was announced in 1890 when one Swiss physiologist Gustave von Bunge who estimated that 100 grams of dried (!) spinach contains 35 milligrams of iron. Later, this ratio has been calculated using fresh spinach containing 90 percent of water. G. Von Bunge’s estimated iron content was divided by ten.

Late dinner makes you fat!

False! Those who eat nourishing meals during all day and still don’t refuse eating a dinner or even such unhealthy snacks as potato chips shouldn’t be surprised that they have put on some unwanted kilos. However, they just have exceeded the recommended daily calorie intake. After refusing a dinner, you will get the same result as you refuse eating breakfast or lunch.


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