Eggs and cholesterol

Eggs and cholesterol

Is it true that eggs are an important contributor of cholesterol in the body and that their consumption can damage our heart? What foods could help us to reduce it?

Indeed, egg yolks are a significant source of cholesterol – each of them gives about 211 mg of cholesterol. The truth is that fat products increase cholesterol levels in the blood what increases the risk of blood clots and heart attack. However, according to nutritionists, eggs shouldn’t be blamed so much.

According to the epidemiological studies by Pennsylvania University researchers, it has been proved that healthy people can eat eggs without any fear every day. In addition, patients suffering from heart disease or those who have an increased cholesterol levels are recommended eating only two eggs a week. That’s because only saturated fats have the greatest impact on cholesterol levels in our body and eggs have just 2 grams of this type of fats. American Heart Association recommends for healthy people to consume less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day and patients with heart disease and diabetes should limit the amount of this substance to 200 mg.

The products that not only add variety to the diet and provide the body with iodine, but also reduce the blood cholesterol levels are crabs, shrimp and other seafood. It’s enough eating only 80-100 g of the above mentioned products during the day. Lean beef, leafy vegetables and oils are also very important in decreasing cholesterol levels in blood. Lean beef and greens are a great source of proteins, while vegetable oils have lots of fatty acids. During the day you should eat about a tablespoon of any vegetable oil.


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