Eggs break 80’s myth!

Eggs break 80’s myth!

Did you have eggs for breakfast this morning? It was worth it because it has turned out that choosing eggs for your breakfast can decrease your hunger, make you feel full longer and stay energized for the whole day long. In addition, after being ate constantly in the morning, eggs are admitted to reduce hunger for more than one day what is especially important for those who seek to lose some weight. Besides, they help for the middle-aged people to prevent muscle loss while for active ones to build the muscles.

As it was demonstrated by studies in the University of Florida, 65% of people who ate scrambled or simply boiled eggs for their breakfast lost weight much faster than those who didn’t. Surprisingly, scientists haven’t noticed any increase of cholesterol level in their blood and even confirmed the fact that some of those who were on a calorie-restricted diet reduced their blood cholesterol levels. This research cracks the myth of the 80’s that eggs are unhealthy and it is the main source body gets harmful cholesterol from.

From a nutrition standpoint, eggs have been approved to be rich in various vitamins and they are useful for our bodies. One egg has only 70 calories and contains 13 vitamins essential to our health including high-quality protein, folate, iron, zinc and antioxidants. One large egg contains 251 milligrams of choline — more than a half of woman’s daily requirements of this essential nutrient. Contributing to fetal brain development, choline helps to prevent birth defects, so if you are pregnant or breastfeeding woman don’t avoid eggs.


There is no need of avoiding egg yolks as well. Doctors have made a conclusion that egg yolks are the most nourishing food containing almost every mineral and vitamin the human diet requires. It’s clear that choosing eggs for your breakfast is a perfect choice, so prepare an omelette, quiche or serve hard-boiled eggs for family’s breakfast tomorrow.


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