Excessive sweating and ways helping to prevent it

Excessive sweating and ways helping to prevent it

When weather becomes hot, the majority of people start suffering from intensified sweating. Scientifically it is called hyperhidrosis and tha’s how our body naturally protects against overheating. However, this protection also leads to a number of disadvantages – who find a pleasure in walking in wet clothes and spreading smell?

In fact, the excessive sweating can be initiated not only by overheating – it can be promoted by alcohol, caffeine containing drinks, most of delicious delights or overweight. Women start sweating heavily during their menopause. Besides, sweat stands out more strongly when people are worried or troubled. However, most importantly sweat glands function in different ways – ones stronger while others weaker.

Although it is accepted to say that people stink because of the sweat, but that’s not a true – unpleasant odor is a result of contamination with bacteria. The smell depends on our nervous system, hormone balance and nutrition. Sometimes, excessive sweating may indicate the presence of various diseases, such as infections, thyroid dysfunction or even cancer.

However, when looking for a way how you can get rid of the exessive sweatting if it is not a symptom of the serious disease, you should pay attention to these tips given by experts:

1. Watch what you eat! Avoid eating spicy and salty foods – they increase perspiration. Besides, it is not recommended drinking lots of tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages during the heat!
2. Use the shower regularly.
3. Wash yourself several times a day if the weather is hot. Particular attention to this procedure should be given by overweight people. After having a bath or shower, dry yourself thoroughly to avoid microorganisms.
4. Use of specific hygiene measures. For example, it’s esential to use antibacterial soap or a special powder for feet that will help to absorb the sweat.


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