Experts: stop exercising while suffering from cold

Experts: stop exercising while suffering from cold

According to the latest research it has been announced that it can be really dangerous to exercise when you are suffering from cold, flu and other infectious disease. Though everybody knows that sport helps in strengthening our immune system and our body, thus protects it against disease, it is dangerous to exercise when feeling ill because our body needs time to recover. So, when to go to exercise after suffering from flu and how much time it should take?

Doctors and fitness experts claim that many adult people are too careless with their warnings and don’t realize that they are doing any damage to themselves. Some adults often ignore their flu and say something like “everything will be fine!” However, they don’t even think that cold is a viral disease, so when they continue visiting the gym they spread their viruses and share them with other people. In addition, because of the sports human’s body becomes exhausted. So, as soon as you notice the first symptoms of colds, you should refrain from sports because of two things: yourself and others.

According to doctors, children body needs about two weeks to recover from flu which did not cause any complications. An adult, who wants to start moving again and to continue his training in the gym, should wait for about ten days. If infection was complicated, you should postpone your sports for at least two weeks. In addition, many people decide that they are completely healthy and can do whatever they want as soon as they start feeling better. However, if there are any certain genetic factors, flu affects our heart and physical activity may even cause the pathology of the heart muscle. So, before you start attending your gym, consult your family doctor and make sure you are totally healthy.


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