Food allergy

Food allergy

Allergy – is an unusual body’s response to various materials. The most common allergy-causing allergens are pollen, dust mites, insect bites, foods or even cold, sun and light.

People who live in a city find many problems when they need to protect themselves against allergies – various forms of this medical disorder are initiated by air around us and chemical substances. Allergy can be healed with a help of various medicines, but the only effective method of treatment is the complete removal and avoidance of the allergen.

In order to minimize the risk of allergy, it is recommended to keep the windows opened (if the person is allergic to pollen), use of vegetable-based household chemicals and cosmetics. It is also advisable to avoid eating junk food, which has lots of preservatives and food dyes, and most of the food prepare at home, because only then you will be capable to control all the ingredients used in the food.

Food allergy is perhaps one of the most common between all the allergies which can be initiated by any product. Its very first symptoms result in rashes on the skin or digestive and respiratory organs damage, like swollen tongue, lips, itchy or watery eyes. It was found that children are slightly more likely to be allergic to various foods than adults and have at least 1-2 foods that can have an effect. Premature babies, irrational, unhealthy-eating people and those who got the sensitivity from their parents are more likely to suffer from allergies. However, in many cases, when children grow, their sensitivity to certain allergens simply disappears.

Keep in mind that allergies are almost never caused by rabbit, turkey and duck meat, so these products are highly recommended for people with food allergies. Besides, turkey is also especially valuable for a growing organism because it is rich in protein and various micronutrients.


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