Foods that cleanse your body

Foods that cleanse your body

Refusing products that leave significant amount of toxins in your body will help your body to remain young and active. SImply concentrate on fresh, simple products that are good for you. Detoxifying diets are often confused with quick diets that help you to lose lots of weight in a short period of time. The latter diets are horrible for our bodies as they make us starve and slows down metabolism. This way when we start eating more, the weight comes back.

Here is a detoxifying diet that will help you to get rid of toxins. Just in two days you will clean your body from bad substances. Here is a list of products that you can eatduring these two days and you will start feeling much better immediately.

Avocados. They contain tons of antioxidants and they are very filling. Half of avocado is a great snack and you will give a bom of vitamins to your body.

Cranberries. It’s a great preventative measure for urinary tract infections. These berries also have strong anti-bacterial properties and for this reason helps to get rid of toxins very well.

Cabbage. It contains alpha lipoic acids which is a powerful antioxidant that can destroy free radicals. Cabbages are a great choice after taking lots of medications, especially antibiotics.

Lemons. They protect liver and help to get rid of bad chemicals from your body. Besides, lemons contain vitamin C which is considered to be a youth vitamin.

Broccoli. It’s a great vegetable to detoxify body quickly. Broccoli also contains ferments that improve digestive system.

Garlic. It has antibiotic properties which help to cure various diseases. Eat garlics regularly and you will strengthen your immune system.

Grapefruits. They help to cleanse digestive system and prevent formation of kidney stones.


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