Foods you should avoid when on a diet

Foods you should avoid when on a diet

According to the latest researches, British people are the ones that can hardly say how much calories they consume during a day. In addition, two thirds of people don’t even realize which foods are rich in calories and which ones are not. If you also belong to this category of people, read the text below which should help you to find those foods that are the most harmful to your lines. According to nutritionists, here are the most important foods will help you understand how many calories you will get from similar type of products:

Carrot cake

Though it is made from carrots, it also contains flour and sugar. So, no matter that carrot cake seems to be a healthy choice, it is a calorie bomb in reality – one piece may have about 560 calories, not mentioning the sweetened coffee we all like to order next to it…Instead of this cake, choose oatmeal cookies (50 calories per one), fruit cakes (about 200 calories per piece) and remember that the best time for a dessert is the morning.

Corn Flakes

Breakfast cereals may have more than 477 calories. Although they seem to be healthy, filled with lots   of valuable nutrients, they are full of sugar. Instead of then, you should choose fruit salad (120 calories) or some bananas (200 calories). To make it clear, to burn those calories got from breakfast cereals, you will have to ride a bike for 45 minutes. However, if you can’t avoid eating them, also choose the right time (morning) for that.


Pasta without a sauce is a great choice even for a dinner, but together with the sauce or cheese it becomes a real calorie bomb – one serving of Italian pasta with meat and cheese gives 781 calories while 400g spaghetti without additives have 380 calories.


We often see misleading labels on cheese packages, saying that the product is “skinny” or “low fat”. However, “low fat” does not mean “no fat” – 120 grams of cheddar has 360 calories. When choosing cheese, remember that ricotta and cottage cheeses are lower in calories and have from 90 to 130 calories.


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