Forget dieting!

Forget dieting!

Is it possible to speed up metabolism and burn more calories without changing your eating habits and taking up sports? According to Dr Nicola Lowe, you should forget dieting and pay attention to several factors that will easily influence your weight and finally will make you smile.

According to her, our body starts storing fat when it receives too much calories that are not expended during our daily activities. However, when we get only as much energy as our body manages to use, tone of the body becomes optimal and metabolism processes are accelerated. In order to burn too much calories got together with food, we are required by our body some special treatment but it seems like exercising in the gym is not the only way fir that! As the expert says, proper foods, even sweets, can speed our metabolism up.

Doctor surprises by its conclusions that frequent snacking does not cause obesity. However, it should be interrupted by fast walking, running, intensive work and even stress because all of these factors help us to burn calories.

For speeding up your metabolism and helping you to lose weight, you should also drink lots of water, tea and coffee during a day. Caffeine accelerates the heart beat and work generated by brain, so you will burn around five to ten per cent more calories. Additionally, studies have shown that people who drink ¬caffeine before an exercise class tend to burn more fat.

To speed up the metabolism, Dr N. Lowe advises eating some sugary foods in the morning and also drinking plenty of fluids, especially the ones having caffeine. Besides, you should avoid overeating, drink alcohol in moderation, choose spicy foods and spend some time actively walking, even during your lunch break. 


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