Frozen berries much healthier than jam

Frozen berries much healthier than jam

You have to agree that there must be a healthier way than jam that would let us enjoy berries in winter. If you want to preserve all vitamins in berries, freeze them in your refrigerator. The more fresh the berry, the better. If berries are very ripe, then you shouldn’t freeze them as they can be too soft. Otherwise, don’t even hesitate.

According to specialists, the best temperature for freezing is -18-23 degrees. If you freeze berries in the temperature below -18 degrees, you can keep such berries in your refrigerator up to 8-12 months. That is until the next time you will be able to get fresh berries. You can also freeze berries in 0 or -8 degree, but in this case you will only be able to keep berries for 3 months.

If you want to preserve not only vitamins but also the appearance of the berries, you should freeze them in plastic bags or plastic containers. Soft berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries should be frozen in small containers and cherries, currants can also be frozen in plastic bags.

If you want some sweeter desert, you can smash berries with sugar and then freeze them. It is the best to freeze berries in small portions so it would be easier to use them. You should never freeze the same berry twice.



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