Fruits can help you to avoid high-fat foods

Fruits can help you to avoid high-fat foods

According to medicine experts, fresh fruits and vegetables can help people to resist the temptation of snacking and indulging themselves with foods that pose serious danger not only to their lines but for their health as well. Most of such foods are rich in calories because they are chosen without thinking.

Scientists claim that people start dreaming about something what is unhealthy, rich in calories and fat only when the amount of glucose in their blood decreases. Glucose which can be called the ‚brain fuel‘ is found in carbohydrates, so there is no mirracle that we start looking for something unhealthy. In most cases, because of the lack of glucose people lose their ability to control their desires and overeat, say the experts. They recommend choosing fresh fruits in this case that are naturally sweet and healthy.

It was also found that those who weight too much and suffer from the overweight are especially vulnerable – even the slightest drop of glucose can lead these people to unwilling need for carbohydrates and make them look something really sweet what means high in carbohydrates. At this point, we should distinct “good” and “bad” carbohydrates. The “good” carbohydrates are the ones that are found in fruits and vegetables, brown rice and full-grain bread and pasta. They should be eaten to get the energy when working. The “bad” carbohydrates are rich in white bread and sugar, sweet carbonated soft drinks, cakes, potato chips and other snacks.

So, after all these researches scientists claim that keeping glucose levels stable can help people to stay in shape because they are not bothered by appetite changes. According to experts, people who are trying not to put on some weight should also eat less portions but more frequently. This will minimize likelihood that you will fall into and forget your diet.


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