Getting rid of bad breath

Getting rid of bad breath

Natural body scents are not unpleasant as long as we bathe, brush and clean our clothes. However, if it is not a regular procedure, soon you may start noticing some stinky parts. One of the most annoying ones is mouth and its breath which makes much inconvenience when communicating with people. Trying to fix this amiss, read the following tips:

Start using mouth washer with ingredients that help to get rid of bacteria. Check for chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, zinc lactate, or chlorine dioxide. Besides, all products that have mint inside can help to mask those rotten-egg or other terrible aromas.

Another fruit that could help to refresh your mouth breath is lemon. No matter if you simply take a bite of the rind or eat what’s inside, you will get the same result. It’s easy to use it almost everywhere: order a glass of sparkling water with lemon in your favorite restaurant, bite some lemon garnish from your food or eat lemon-flavored candy which you can find almost everywhere.

Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper to remove bacteria. After one study made by New York University, it was revealed that brushing your tongue helps to reduce breath-souring sulfur compounds for 53%.
Eat plain, sugar-free yogurt to prevent bad breath coming from your mouth. It has been revealed that bad breath is closely connected to the high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the mouth. After some research it has been proven that this level, just like malicious bacteria in your mouth, can be minimized with its help. Apparently, natural yogurt also stops plaque and gum disease.

If you like exotic spices, you must try anise, cardamom, coriander or fennel seeds. Take some pinches and mix everything in a small bowl. Keeping it next to salt and pepper and chewing after the dinner will help you to refresh your mouth breath.


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