Habits that result in stress

Habits that result in stress

Some of our habits can often leave us without powers. Here are the habits you should avoid: 

1. Drinking too much coffee. A cup of coffee helps to improve your attention, but one liter of coffee takes it from you. This effect can be explained very simply – because of too much coffee habituation occurs. To maintain vigilance, you simply need a higher dose of coffee. In addition, large amounts of caffeine increase dehydration, so if it is difficult for you to refuse it, drink plenty of plain water.

2. Chronic pain. Some people, who experience chronic pain, delay their visit to the doctor. They often think that if today it hurts less, so maybe tomorrow the pain will be gone. Unfortunately these people suffer from weak muscles, decrease in appetite, physical activity, sexual desire, concentration and sleep. Such person constantly feels worn-out.

3. Constant attempt to lose weight. Diet lovers can be divided into three categories: some of people (a minority) manage to lose weight and don‘t gain it gain. Second group gets tired and starts simply limiting their food intake and the third constantly experiments with new diets. These people may be at risk. They are constantly feeling frustrated, guilty because of failure of their plans, punish themselves with fasting and more and more stricter diets. Suffering from constant hunger it results in lack of basic materials and psychological fatigue.

4. Regular lack of sleep. According to statistics, people have started to sleep 2 hours less during the decade and now most of us sleep only 6.5 hours. Less sleep can be caused by such factors as increased pace of life and stress. Trying to compensate the lack of sleep, many of us  spend long hours in bed during the weekend. Unfortunately, this method does not provide benefits – it may result in irritability, depression and obesity. 


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