Habits that silently contributes to gaining weight

Habits that silently contributes to gaining weight

It’s never too late to get rid of habits that are bad both for your health and shape. We selected five habits that may not look very harmful at first sight, but they really make your weight grow.

Not resting enough. When we are tired, we feel more hungry. So it is really important to get enough of sleep. Fatigue also reduces amount of leptin in the blood which contributes to hunger outbreaks.

Skipping breakfast. Breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Just make sure you eat in moderation and nutritious. Nutritious breakfast wakes up your body and speeds up metabolism. It also makes sure that you digest food better and burn calories faster.

Negative diets. If you forbid yourself to eat chocolate or ice-cream every day, eventually you will not handle. All radical diets are really bad for you. The secret of healthy living is a balanced diet which also means that sometimes you can eat ”forbidden” foods too.

Refusing to lift weights. Exercising with weights not only helps to burn calories but also strengthens your heart muscle. For this reason your metabolism increases. The fact that weight lifting equals big muscles is a big myth, so women should not worry about it.

Hungry shopping. Buying food when you are hungry is not promising. That only means you will buy more than you need and very likely it will be unhealthy products.



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