Hair care during summer

Hair care during summer

Even during your holidays, you shouldn’t forget about your hair. Hot sun and salty water can damage them badly.

During summer before leaving the house you should use some spray with SPF. It will cover your hair with some film that will protect your hair from fading, brittleness and dehydration.

Every time you go to swim to a pool or ocean, make sure to rinse your hair after that in order to remove sea salt, sand and chlorine. After that, use a spray with SPF again.

Since wet hair is really vulnerable, they need to be combed very gently. If you have very long hair, use a brush with natural bristles. Start combing your hair from the very ends. During summer, try not to use a hair dryer as it because hot weather already damages your hair and a hair dryer will make them even drier. If you color your hair blonde, you should take even more care, as they have less natural pigment which protects hair from UV rays. Wear hats and scarves made from natural materials, make sure your scalp breaths.

Wash your hair with mild shampoo that wouldn’t dry your scalp. Don’t forget hair oils, serums and masks. Rinse your hair with chamomile, marigold or nettle tea. Cut damaged hair ends.



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