Have no doubts about the eggs

Have no doubts about the eggs

Let’s think about the eggs: mostly considered as dangerous because of their cholesterol which plugs arteries, they are a perfect choice of nutrients necessary for the body. If we try to follow people opinions we will find that many of us still think that eggs are ‘dietary demon’, although they have been admitted to be closer to ‘perfect food’. So, find out what is truth and what are – myths.

Fact: Eggs are a great source of nutrients

For an incredibly low price you can get 6 grams of protein and lots of healthy nutrients – folic acid, vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals. Eggs have also been associated with a good memory and prevention of vision disorders.

Fact: Eggs are high in cholesterol

In a medium egg has about 121 mg of cholesterol and in the terms of food it is quite a lot – only liver, royal shrimps and duck has more. Though it may sound controversy, little doses of cholesterol are even necessary our body: they are important for hormone and vitamin D manufacture and maintenance of cell walls. However, all this cholesterol which can be found in eggs won’t go straight into your bloodstream and clog your arteries. Usually, only a small part of the cholesterol manages to get into the bloodstream.

If you still have doubts about the eggs, remember that human doesn’t need them in his daily diet because we can survive without them perfectly well. However, it has been approved that eggs are an excellent source of protein or other healthy nutrients, they are easy to prepare and chew, moreover, they are not expensive. Think about the way you eat them! Nutritionists don’t recommend eating eggs fried with sausage and potatoes but recommend boiling them and eating as alternative to bakes of puff pastry fluffy sweet cereals or snacks filled with saturated fats.


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