How to reduce the level of bad cholesterol?

How to reduce the level of bad cholesterol?
  1. Check your body weight. The heavier you are, the more cholesterol your body has. If you are overweight, you should eat more porridge, fruits, vegetables and limit your daily calorie intake. Meat and dairy products should not make more than one third of your daily intake.
  2. Use olive oil. It contains lots of polyunsaturated fatty acids whic hhelp to reduce cholesterol level.
  3. Do not eat many eggs (at least their yolk). Doctors still don‘t agree on the absorbtion of cholesterol that is in an egg yolk, but you should not abuse anyway. Do not eat more than three yolks a week.
  4. Add legumes to your menu. Studies have shown that beans effectively help to reduce cholesterol level.
  5. Eat more fruits and oats. Oatmeal and fruits contain pectin which has possitive effect on your body. You can eat oatmeal with some fruit for your breakfast to start your day healthy.
  6. Don‘t forget corn. Studies have shown that they have the same effect as beans or bran.
  7. Eat carrots. Two carrots per day will help to reduce cholesterol level by 20%.
  8. Exercise. Intensive training helps to cleanse you r body and prevents fat from sitting on top of your artery walls.
  9. Eat garlic. Although it can cause bad breath, garlics are known for tons of great features, including lowering levels of fat in the blood.

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