Natural medications to treat insomnia

Natural medications to treat insomnia

Sleep is necessary for all of us. It helps to recuperate and process the information collected during the day. If you don’t sleep enough, you pose risk of developing some serious diseases (such as heart failure and cancer formations). However, it is believed that about every tenth person in the world constantly has a lack of sleep. If you are among these people, do not rush to take any medications. First, try some natural ways to fight insomnia. Here is a list of products that can help you with that.

Cherries. Cherries have much melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep.Try to eat some cherries before going to bed. You can also make cherry juice and various deserts with cherries.

Seafood. Some fish and seafood, like shrimps, cod and tuna,have tryptophan, a protein that stimulates sleep.

Meals rich in carbohydrates and proteins. If for any reason you cannot eat seafood, you can get tryptophan by eating other products. For example, you can drink as a cup of warm milk. To improve the impact of this protein, you should combine it with carbohydrates. You can prepare some oatmeal with milk for your dinner.

Melissa. This plant has a pleasant lemon fragrance and it has been successfully used to treat sleeping problems for centuries. Melissa improves digestion and soothes. Try to drink some Melissa tea before going to bed.


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