Nutrition tips to prevent cancer

Nutrition tips to prevent cancer
  1. Do not overeat. Eat only when you feel hungry. Detoxify your body from time to time.
  2. Do not eat if you feel unwell or if you are severely tired.
  3. Reduce the amount of fat.
  4. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits,whole grain bread, cereals and grains,nuts, seafood and a variety of greens.
  5. Reduce the amount of grilled meat, poultry, fish, sausages, smoked, canned, salted and pickled products.
  6. Dispose of old bread, grains, jams if the contain mold.They create a highly toxic substance – aflatoxins.
  7. Limit the consumption of strong alcoholic beverages.
  8. Try to put food that you didn’t eat to the refrigerator as soon as possible,because it can accumulate carcinogenic substances.
  9. Do not use very hot drinks and food. They burn the lining of the mouth and digestive organs, and increase the risk of developing cancer inthese organs.
  10. Use unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oils, such as olive and flax seed oil for your salads.

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