Why it is really important to treat insomnia?

Why it is really important to treat insomnia?

Statistics show that one out of five people has issues with sleeping. If you have insomnia just from time to time, it will certainly not harm your health. However, if it occurs constantly, you should treat it. This is what happens when you have insomnia.

  • Insomnia increases the risk of developing cancer(especially-breast and prostate).
  • Insomnia causes weight gain and obesity. Sleepy people, may feel more hungry and eat more high-calorie foods.
  • Insomnia creates great conditions for mental disorders. The more often a person lacks sleep, the harder it is to control his emotions.
  • Insomnia weakens immunity, body becomes much more susceptible to viruses.
  • Insomnia creates a greater risk of becoming victims of type II diabetes.
  • Insomnia increases the production of stress hormone, which significantly degrades condition of the skin.
  • If you sleep less than 6 hours per day, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases by 48%. When you sleep less than 7 hours a day,vaccines are not as effective.
  • Insomnia¬† significantly increases the risk of stroke.
  • Insomnia has bad effects on your memory.

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