Healthy and tasty snacks

Healthy and tasty snacks

Do you like snacking but you are afraid you will gain weight? Choose the right snacks!

Yogurt. Yogurt will never disappoint you. It contains all neccessary vitamins so it’s very healthy. Besides, there are different flavors of ygurt so you will definitely find the one that you like. Choose yogurt if you want to lose weight. Allways check the ingredients of your yogurt and choose the most natural ones.

Nuts. THe best ones are walnuts and pistachios. Peonuts are not that valuable as they don’t contain many vitamins and other useful substances. You should eat nuts at the first part of the day so you would have enough time to digest them. Nuts are great for those who have heart diseases.

Fresh fruits. It’s summer time so take it’s benefits. Apples, pears, oranges, pineapples and other fruits will add beauty and health. If you decide to prepare some fruits or berries coctail, never add any sugar. Also make sure you wash your fruits very well.



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