4 myths about soft drinks

4 myths about soft drinks

There are tons of myths about soft drinks. Here are 4 myths that may change your opinion about soft drinks.

Myth 1. Do not drink soft drinks because you will gain a lot of weight.

In fact, you can gain weight because of many factors, so you shouldn’t blame it all to one food or drink. If you drink soft drinks in moderation, they will not affect your weight.

Myth 2. Juice has fewer calories than soft drinks

Both soft drinks and juices are equivalent in this respect because they have substantially the same amount of sugar. One glass of juice has about 4-6 teaspoons of sugar and one glass of sweetened soft drink contains 5 teaspoons of sugar.

Myth 3. Soft drinks can dissolve tooth overnight

Probably everybody heard that story that a glass of Coca-Cola dissolved a tooth overnight. This is a popular legend, but it is nothing close to the truth. No soft drink will melt a tooth overnight. Soft drinks have a very small amount of edible acid, which can be found in many other foods, including juice, sour milk and meat products. However, these products are not acidic enough to harm body tissues. In fact, your own stomach is much more acidic.

Myth 4. Soft drinks with caffeine dissolve bones.

No fizzy drinks or other drinks rich in caffeine weaken your bones and cause osteoporosis. These investigations were made for more than 15 years and there are no proves that phosphorus and / or caffeine found in carbonated soft drinks affect bone health.


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