5 mistakes that we make during dinner

5 mistakes that we make during dinner

When we want to lose weight, we stop eating chocolate, start counting calories and trying to exercise more, but still every night we may make the same mistakes. Do you know what to eat for dinner. Here are some major mistakes that a lot of us make every time we have dinner.

1. Making dinner the main meal of the day

As the whole family meets in the evening and they can sit by the table with no need to rush anywhere, and enjoy good food. However, you should not to forget when to stop eating. Make sure you eat warm food for lunch, so in the evening you will not feel too hungry.

2. Eat before you go to bed

The ideal time for dinner is two or three hours before bedtime. Then your body will have enough time to digest. Eating dinner too early is also not good, as you may start snacking before going to bed.

3. Eating bad carbohydrates

The best choice for dinner is to combine vegetables, grain products, and proteins, as vegetables do not give a sense of fullness while protein does. Roast turkey or a piece of fish, jacket potatoes and cheese sauce is perfect for dinner.

4. Drinking a glass of wine

In the evening, you should avoid alcohol because it slows down fat-burning. In addition, it provides a lot of extra calories.

5. Eating in front of TV

Never eat on the couch in front of the TV, because then you will inevitably eat more than appropriate. Dine at a table and enjoy every bite.


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