5 myths about food supplements

5 myths about food supplements

Spring is a complicated period for human body. Cold season degrades our cells and as a consequence we have brittle hair, weak nails and all other problems. So to provide their bodies with elements that are missing people often choose taking food supplements.

Food supplements can really help strengthen the body, but only if used correctly. So which ones we should consider using and which ones can be forgotten?

  1. Human body is unable to absorb substances from food supplements.
    Some substances that are found in natural foods are better absorbed by the body than synthetic ones, such as vitamin C. However, food supplements often have higher concentration of those substances, so it compensates their worse absorption.
  2. If you are eating properly, your body receives all necessary substances, and you don’t need any food supplements.
    This is partially true, partially a lie. In theory, a diet can be balanced so that you would not need any food supplements. However, in practice it is quite difficult to implement. For example, in the spring, when we do not have a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, eating alone in their natural sources, is really difficult. This is when it is good to use food supplements.
  3. Body quickly gets used to food additives and then it is naturally no longer able to absorb certain substances and trace elements.
    This opinion might have developed because some supplements are recommended to be used in cycles. It may look that if you use the same supplements for a long time, large amounts of certain substances will accumulate and your body will not be able to absorb it anymore. This is not true. Cyclic use of supplements is based on the fact that some of the substances can accumulate in the body in certain period of time and there will be no more sense to continue using them. However, this does not mean your body is incapable to absorb them.
  4. Food supplements reduce the risk of heart diseases.
    It is scientifically proven that the consumption of omega-3 supplements reduces the amount of blood triglycerides and bad cholesterol. It also normalizes blood pressure and improves the condition of internal walls of arteries These factors reduce the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  5. Several food supplements cannot be used at the same time.
    Some of the supplements, used at the same time, can strengthen each other’s effects or reduce them.

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