5 reasons to say no to fizzy drinks

5 reasons to say no to fizzy drinks

Scientists and nutritionists around the world agree that too many people are abusing sweet fizzy drinks! Most often they emphasize the damage to the digestive tract (fizzy drinks can cause stomach ulcers) and weight gain (fizzy drinks are high in calories and they lead to obesity). However, the list of the negative effects does not end here. Here are 5 reasons why you should refuse carbonated drinks and give priority to ordinary water or juice.

Fizzy drinks provoke hunger
Sweet carbonated beverages have sugar that is quickly processed and absorbed, resulting in sudden jumps in blood sugar levels, and then your body urgently requires carbohydrates. That is why we attack food after drinking fizzy beverages. According to the surveys, carbonated drinks lovers consume as much as 17% more calories than they actually need.

Fizzy drinks have absolutely no nutritional value

We all have heard of the term “empty calories”, but do you know what it means? This is usually to talk about products that have no useful materials, like minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, etc. This can also be said about carbonated drinks. They have nothing else but sugar and calories.

Fizzy drinks may cause headaches

According to the researches, aspartame (an artificial sweetener) can cause severe headaches for some people. Some scientists suggest that frequent migraine headaches are also related to carbonated beverages.

Fizzy drinks have negative effect on tooth enamel

Constantly drinking sweet fizzy drinks? Forget the nice white smile! Be ready to go to the dentist much more frequently. This is all related to a citric acid which gradually weakens and destroys tooth enamel, provoking the development of dental caries and plaque accumulation.

Fizzy drinks can cause depression

American Academy of Neurology studies show that people who regularly consumed more than 4 cups or cans of fizzy drinks for more than 10 years, suffer from depression 30% more often than those who do not drink sugary drinks.


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