8 best sources of protein for vegetarians

8 best sources of protein for vegetarians

Beans. A glass of cooked beans has about 15 grams of protein. You can make a delicious soup of black beans.

Green peas. A glass of green peas has 8 grams of protein. It costs little and preserves the taste even refrigerated.

Chia seeds. 2 tablespoons of chia seeds has 4 grams of protein. These are the best seeds to improve digestion. You can sprinkle them almost on all the dishes.

Cottage cheese. A glass of cottage cheese has 26 grams of protein. This is an excellent source of protein and you can cook so many dishes with it.

Greek yogurt. 170 g of it has 15-20 grams of protein. This product is dense and concentrated, it has creamy texture and more protein than any other yogurt. Combine it with avocado and you will have a delicious sauce, where you can soak carrots and other vegetables.

Lentils. A glass of cooked lentils has 18 grams of protein. You can make a salad of lentils, apples and celery which is great with grilled meat or as a main course.

Pistachios. 1 serving of pistachios (~ 50 nuts) has about 6 grams of protein. This is also a great source of mono unsaturated fat, fiber and many vitamins and minerals.

Peanut butter. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter has 7-8 grams of protein. Just make sure it contains only 1 or 2 components (nuts and salt), and no additives.


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