Cucumber juice for beauty and health

Cucumber juice for beauty and health

Now we can have fresh cucumbers on our table all year round. Some of us could not imagine salad without it. But did you know why this vegetable is useful?

94% of the cucumber is water. However, this is not ordinary water, but a structured liquid which enhances metabolism. It normalizes many metabolic processes, maintains optimal fluid balance, prevents accumulation of toxins and other toxic substances in the body. Many people got back normal digestion and improved their body tone by drinking cucumber juice. You can be one of them.

Apart from water, cucumber contains many other useful substances. First of all they are rich in water soluble vitamins: PP, biotin, B group vitamins, ascorbic acid, retinol and tocopherol. It also contains essential oils (that’s the reason why they smell so nicely) and an acid which impedes processing of carbohydrates in the body and formation of fat. Cucumbers also contain such substances as sulfur, iodine, silicon, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, chlorine and potassium.

You can drink cucumber juice as prophylactic measure or even to treat health problems and to easy the symptoms of many diseases. If you have a problem of indigestion, hear t issues, jumping blood pressure, etc., there is a chance that the balance of sodium and potassium is impaired in your body. Cucumber juice can easily fix that because it replenishes your body with potassium and removes unnecessary sodium.


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