Drinks that inhibit hunger

Drinks that inhibit hunger

There are a number of drinks (mostly – teas), which are recommended to drink if you want to lose weight. They are based on appetite suppression (therefore a person consumes fewer calories) and fat burning. The latter process is called thermogenesis, in other words, the body generates heat and breaks down fat. Perhaps you know that eating something spicy knocks out heat and sweating. Usually a process of thermogenesis is not as intense and noticeable. By the way, it is important to remember that you should not rely on drinks alone if you are fighting against obesity. However, here are some drinks that can help you with losing weight.


Mate has been presented to the world by South American Indians. This drink has a strong toning effect and it suppresses appetite. Mate has active substances, and their effects are similar to caffeine.

Ginger tea

Perhaps the most popular beverage for those who want to lose weight is ginger tea. Ginger contains substances that stimulate thermogenesis. Ginger tea is especially recommended during the cold season. Prepare it simple. Cut a piece of 1.5-2 cm of ginger and pour boiling water on it. You can also add a little bit of honey and lemon. After 15 minutes, your tea is ready.

Green tea

It has a lot of catechins, which inhibit the synthesis of fat and stimulate thermogenesis. In addition, catechins protect heart and blood vessels, and prevent cancer.


Simple black coffee is great if you are trying to lose weight. Caffeine suppresses appetite and gives strength and a little burn fat. The more caffeine (the stronger the coffee), the better the fat burning effect is. Decaffeinated coffee in this case is quite inefficient.


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