How to change your diet in spring?

How to change your diet in spring?

Once the spring comes, it is really important to provide all necessary materials to your body to be healthy. 80 per cent of life quality is determined by a balanced diet, and only a small portion of physical activity. Therefore, carefully look at your menu before hitting the gym.

Do not overeat

It has been psychologically proven that sunlight, which in spring we get more, has more positive effect on people’s mood, along with the body. Warmer weather makes you want lighter, healthy dishes, but the danger to overeat – remains. Therefore, it is very important to watch how much you eat and avoid overeating.

Cook in steam

Everyone agree that the less processed food, the more valuable it is. Bake in the oven and not a frying pan, steam instead of deep frying. A lot of people thing that steam pots make meals tasteless. However if your steam in the oven, you can get your food nicely roasted.

Almost all products can be steamed, with the exception of pasta, grains, mushrooms and beans, as the latter ones require higher temperature and more intensive production.

If you boil food, you lose a large proportion of vitamin C, B group vitamins, folic acid, etc. Frying pans make your food very fat.  Steaming is definitely the best option.

Give up “empty” calories

People often eat too many carbohydrates and too little protein-based foods. There are also likely to fall into extremes and take drastic diets that lead to overeating and obesity. It is very important to get rid of useless products such as sweets or fast food. Also, under no circumstances give up the good fats, as they are essential for the body.

Your menu should include more protein based food, like fish, chicken or beef dishes, grains, and a lot of vegetables. The best sources of good fats are oily fish, vegetable oils, avocados, and nuts.


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